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"Excellent work! Excellent."

"…I sincerely applaud your diligence and work ethic. Well done…"
—Venture Capitalist and Publisher of a Pan African Magazine

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In January 2013, TRW CONSULT was beckoned by The Chair Centre Group in its bid to achieve brand visibility and loyalty. TRW CONSULT set to work and propagated The Chair Centre Group’s message…

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Our Services

  • Research

    Research Image

    The research portfolio of TRW Consult covers social research, media research and content research, executed with painstaking…Read more

  • Content

    Content Image

    The content development services of TRW Consult comprise all forms of written communications - including ghostwriting…Read more

  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing Image

    TRW Consult offers virtual marketing services through adverts on Google, Yahoo!…Read more

  • Social Media Campaigns

    Social Media Image

    TRW Consult helps its clients to register and maintain a respectable presence on popular social media platforms…Read more

  • Post-Production

    Post-Production Image

    TRW Consult also offers exclusive film editing, montage design and subtitling…Read more

  • Corporate Training

    Training Image

    TRW Consult offers professional training in corporate communications and social media engagements…Read more

  • Consulting

    Consulting Image

    TRW Consult offers bespoke advisory services to individuals and corporate bodies…Read more

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